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If you have found yourself browsing the internet for inspiration on healthy eating habits, tips, and tricks, you will have probably come across some rave reviews on the superior Vitamix blender. Considered to be the best blender on the market, with its high-powered motor and precision engineering, having a Vitamix at home means you are guaranteed smooth and silky smoothies, soups, dressings, and sauces in minimal time without having to witness that painful struggle and overheating you often experience with other standard blenders.

When looking to get more creative in your kitchen or you simply wanting to make your own delicious smoothies at home, getting a Vitamix blender could be the upgrade you need. And once you have experienced the premium performance of a Vitamix blender, you may find it hard not to shout about it from the proverbial rooftops.


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A Vitamix blender is often seen as a modern-day symbol for an affluent healthy eating lifestyle.

However, health has always been the primary purpose and value for the company since it first started in the early 1920s. The original inventor, William Grover Bernard, wanted the Vitamix blender to be the way to introduce healthy homemade food into American households. Even giving the blender the name Vita-mix, "vita" being Latin for life, Bernard wanted people to associate his household appliance with vitality and healthy living. This has remained the company's main value and goal helping it become and stay an icon of healthy nutritious living rather than just an Instagram fad.

Also, it actually works. The engineering that has gone into the Vitamix design means that it delivers on the company's promise of making professional blending at home easy. Technology such as the cool-running motors, the patented blade design, and the sturdy 11-pound base ensures the blender will last a very long time while being the reliable workhorse of your kitchen. No surprise that Vitamix has received a plethora of awards for innovation and design over the years and still remains people's favorite blender.

Similar to kitchen brands like Le Creuset or KitchenAid, Vitamix has a reputation that makes it a desirable appliance for anyone seeking the highest-quality kitchenware. If you do choose to buy a Vitamix blender, the company tries to make sure you don’t regret your decision by keeping their customers engaged in a community spirit. With their website and community app, you are given a variety of recipes as well as tips to show the versatility and power of the Vitamix so that it remains useful in your kitchen. The company even has a rewards program encouraging customers to get involved, complete surveys, and provide feedback to the company, and, in return for their loyalty, they can receive discounts on accessories or be entered into prize draws.

Vitamix seems to always be innovating and trying to bring more ease, convenience, and professional quality to their products. Incorporating an intuitive interface and digital screen into their newest Ascent series as well as creating different attachments such as a food processor and aeration container means you could turn your Vitamix into a fully versatile kitchen appliance. Their innovation is also bringing the company into the sustainability conversation. As well as selling "Certified Reconditioned" second-hand models, Vitamix has also released their "FoodCycler" which is helping people reduce their household food waste.



Photo by Brenda Godinez from Unsplash

Photo by Brenda Godinez from Unsplash



  • Stayed In The Family

The Vitamix Corporation is still operated and run by the same family of the founder William Grover Bernard. With the company having gone through four generations, the current CEO is Jodi Berg the founder’s great-granddaughter. Having a family legacy in such a global brand seems to have kept the company on the right path and has helped them maintain their founding principle of promoting health. 

  • Embraced By Influencers & Celebrities 

With the rise of social media, Vitamix has become the symbolic possession that represents a healthy lifestyle. Influencers promote and endorse the brand which, in turn, encourages their followers to use their own platforms to express their joy and dependency on their #vitamix, making you feel like anyone who is anyone must own a Vitamix. Especially when health food influencers like Deliciously Ella and celebrities such as Megan Markle and Penelope Cruz have all expressed their delight for their own Vitamix blenders. Gwyneth Paltrow even refers to the use of a Vitamix in her cookbook as well as having the blender regularly mentioned in articles on her lifestyle website, Goop

  • Not Just Blenders

Vitamix has decided to extend its ethos of healthy living into encouraging its customers to think about their own food waste. Vitamix has designed and created their own at-home compost making machine, the FoodCycler, that is compact enough to be on your kitchen counter and turns food waste into compost in just a few hours.



The main issue people tend to have with Vitamix is just how expensive their blenders and products are. Their most premium household blenders come in at around $600 with their "lower-price" Explorian model still at the pretty steep price of $350.

Though it can be argued that the superior quality of a Vitamix blender is worth the high price tag, the question can also be asked: do you really need that much power to create simple smoothies and sauces in your home kitchen? Well, that is sort of up to you. Nowadays people are looking for premium high quality, long-lasting appliances, and Vitamix will deliver on that. However, it is important to realize that you can eat healthily and create wonderful homemade food without a Vitamix blender sitting on your kitchen counter.



Photo by Ella Olsson from Unsplash

Photo by Ella Olsson from Unsplash



The reason Vitamix blenders are industry-leading products is that they do just perform so much better than most other blenders on the market. Though many other brands have tried to engineer similar technology, for whatever reason, Vitamix just seems to have struck gold when it comes to designing the perfect combination of components in blender technology. So when considering the premium price, it is up to you whether you consider the price reasonable enough for what can only be described as the best of the best when it comes to kitchen blenders.

It seems like once you buy your first Vitamix, you will struggle to try anything else. However, its reputation and the free marketing it gets over social media means that people often forget that there are plenty of other great brands to consider if you are looking for a powerful home blender. If Vitamix does seem a bit over the top and very much over your budget, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that can work well for your needs if you are just looking to blend soups or create simple smoothies.



With their own unique blade designs, Ninja offers a wide range of blending options from personal cup blenders to full-size models and whole kitchen processing sets. Very reasonably priced and they offer replacement parts and blades to prevent you from buying whole new machines.


Off the back of their iconic stand mixers, KitchenAid has produced many other kitchen appliances including their simple but robust blenders. A basic but effective appliance for blending soups or crushing ice. The container is also made from tempered glass making it more durable and stain-free. 


Best known for their personal "bullet" blenders, you can now get full-size NutriBullet blenders if you are looking to make batches of smoothies for your family. They also have a cordless blender so you can make the freshest smoothies wherever you are.



When thinking about using a blender to make healthy food, most of us just think of smoothies. However, a blender, especially a powerful Vitamix, is capable of making so much. Going to the effort of making your own mayonnaise, nut butters, ice cream, soups, and salad dressings means you have control of what ingredients you use and eradicates any additives or preservatives, often found in premade supermarket versions, from your diet.

  • Smoothies, Juices & Frozen Desserts 

Because of the high-speed technology and the ability of the Vitamix to essentially pulverize anything, you can create healthy silky smoothies full of hearty fibrous vegetables that would normally stay a bit grainy and stringy in conventional blenders. Also, it can create desserts out of frozen fruit and ice in a flash without heating the mix up enough for it to melt. 

  • Hot Soups 

One big selling point of Vitamix is the thermal technology of the blade which can heat food up while blending. This means you could blend a cold soup mix to a smooth consistency while heating it up at the same time allowing you to eat it straight away. This works even better in the Vitamix stainless steel container

  • Dressings, Mayonnaise & Sauces 

The art of emulsifying dressings and sauces is often left to the professionals but having a powerful Vitamix is the perfect cheat for making creamy mayonnaise or salad dressings at home. Simply drizzle in the oil or fat while the motor is on and watch the Vitamix do all the hard work for you. 

  • Nut Butters & Non-Dairy Milks 

The idea of making your own peanut butter or almond milk sounds like too much of a hassle for some but a Vitamix will make these tasks seem like a breeze and gives you the delight of successfully making your own homemade versions. The blade and motor are strong enough to break nuts down into smooth pastes or super creamy milks without the need of first soaking or roasting them. 

  • Baby Food & Purees

If you have the time and ability to make your own baby food, you are making a great healthy choice for your baby. Often shop-bought baby food can contain preservatives and flavorings so making your own food and purees will allow you to fully be in control of what your child eats. The Vitamix makes this task very easy to make large batches for the freezer. Or, with the additional blending cups, you could blend small batches as and when you are feeding.  

  • Batters & Doughs

As well as being a great tool to grind grains to make your own flour, Vitamix blenders can also be used to make soft pizza dough and cake batters. It is especially good for getting rid of lumps in pancake batters and breaking up eggs for omelets. 

  • Compost

With the new Vitamix FoodCycler, it is now easier than ever to reduce your food waste by taking all those fruit and vegetable scraps from your morning smoothies or lunchtime soups and turning them into compost for your garden.




Photo by Brenda Godinez from Unsplash

Photo by Brenda Godinez from Unsplash 



Featuring the original base design with the 10-speed dial, two switches, and a choice of the tall or low-profile containers, the Legacy series is a great example of how durable and reliable the Vitamix technology and design is. This series also features the Vitamix Professional models which have the power and durability for vigorous daily use. 

Though currently only including one model, this series is marketed as the "lower price" design to allow Vitamix to be more accessible. Though bulkier, slightly less chic than the other models, the Explorian still has a 10-speed motor and is compatible with all Vitamix containers. A great option if you want to try out Vitamix without investing too much money. 

This series currently offers Vitamix’s most innovative designs, now including digital screens, Wifi connection, built-in presets, such as self-cleaning, and even "Self-Detect" technology which allows the base to recognize the different attachments and containers automatically. 

Vitamix has taken the time and energy to recondition and refurbish previously-owned blenders. This allows them to offer a lower price option while also providing the opportunity for people to support second-hand shopping and preventing perfectly good blenders from going to waste. Because Vitamix personally certifies the reconditioning of these models, they all come with a 5-year warranty meaning you buy with confidence. 

The Vitamix new product line currently features their new Immersion Blender, Foodcycler, and other blender accessories. Though known for its blenders, it seems Vitamix is trying to use its brand and reputation to produce other innovative kitchen tools and appliances.



To help you figure out what Vitamix blender could work for you and your kitchen, we have picked out some of our favorite models and accessories.



Explorian Blender E310 

The current "lower price" model with the classic Vitamix features the 10-speed dial, pulse, and high-speed function as well as the cool-running motor to prevent overheating. A more basic model with a bulkier design but the perfect solution for a smaller budget.

Product Highlights:

  • Lowest priced Vitamix model 
  • 48oz BPA-free container 
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Legacy 5200

This is one of the classic models that comes with the tall 64oz container. The variable speed dial and high power switch means you can be fully in control. Comes with the classic tamper to make blending smaller batches easier.

Product Highlights:

  • Classic design
  • 7-year warranty 
  • Ideal for batch cooking

Ascent A3500 Smart Blender 

This is the high-end, premium Vitamix model with all the bells and whistles. Comes with an intuitive interface, presets including a self-cleaning mode plus is compatible with the new Vitamix "Self-Detect" attachments like the Blending Bowls.

Product Highlights:

  • 5 program settings 
  • Built-in timer and touch screen 
  • Wifi connection to link with Vitamix app

Certified Renewed Legacy 5300

If you don’t mind getting a perfectly good blender but maybe with a few scratches, then buying this certified renewed Legacy model may be an ideal way of trying out a Vitamix in your kitchen without the large investment. Buying second-hand is an eco-friendly way of buying appliances as it keeps them out of landfills for longer and less energy goes into making brand new ones.

Product Highlights:

  • Sustainable, cheaper alternative to a brand new model 
  • Certified by Vitamix
  • 5-year warranty

Immersion Blender 

Bringing their innovation into their first hand-held immersion blender gives people the option to own a Vitamix appliance if a full-size blender is too big or too expensive for their kitchen and lifestyle. Perfect for blending stovetop soups and pasta sauces as it has a protective blade guard meaning you won't scratch your pots and pans.

Product Highlights:

  • Vitamix technology in a hand-held appliance
  • Scratch resistance blade guard 
  • 5-speed settings



Stainless Steel Container

Compatible with all Vitamix models, this 48-ounce stainless steel container is a useful alternative to the traditional plastic version. It is non-reactive meaning it won’t stain or hold odors plus it will stay at high or low temperatures for longer meaning it is even more effective at heating soup or keeping frozen desserts cold.  

Product Highlights:

  • More efficient at holding cold or hot temperatures
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Compatible with all Vitamix models

Aer Disc Container

The patented disc design rather than a blade enables you to use the motor of the Vitamix to whip, muddle, whisk, emulsify or foam with ease; think of it as Vitamix’s answer to an electric whisk. 

Product Highlights:

  • Well-designed container perfect for aeration
  • Great alternative to an electric whisk or cocktail shaker
  • Compatible with all Vitamix models

Personal Cup Adapter

The personal cup adapter works with your legacy-series Vitamix Machine to make individual blends or quickly chop ingredients for any recipe. 

Make sure to check compatibility! 

Product Highlights:

  • Two dual-purpose 20-ounce blending containers
  • Containers become travel cups with spill-proof lids
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Laser-cut blades crafted from hardened steel
  • Double insulated material maintains hot and cold temperatures

Food Processor Attachment

If you already have a Vitamix Ascent blender and are looking to get a food processor, then why not simply buy this attachment rather than a whole new appliance. Food processors often have a better shape and style of blade rotation for maintaining texture in hummus and pesto.

Product Highlights:

  • Comes with a multipurpose blade and grater discs
  • Alternative from buying a stand-alone processor
  • Convenient 12-cup size


The Foodcycler

FoodCycler FC-50

Vitamix’s newest innovation could be the companion appliance to your blender; engineered to help reduce your food waste by turning your food scraps into dried fertilizer. Removing the water and carbon from the food means your food scraps will take up less space in your garbage or even better you can add them to your garden soil or potted plants.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact, odorless & quiet running motor
  • Easy to buy replacement carbon filters
  • Convenient solution to reducing food waste



Having a premium kitchen appliance, such as a Vitamix, that works exceedingly well can add extra enjoyment and satisfaction when cooking and may encourage you to make healthy homemade alternatives more often. Though the purchase of a Vitamix won’t be a spur of the moment buy for most of us, many loyal avid customers will confirm that you do get what you pay for and so when looking to buy a new blender consider a Vitamix as a long term investment that you can rely on.


The information provided in this article is not nutritional or medical advice. Please read our disclaimer.

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