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Chef Ludivine


Hello and welcome to How To Cuisine!

At How To Cuisine, we are passionate about modern, creative, and healthy cuisine and excited to share our passion with fun recipes you can make at home!

Co-founder and Executive Chef at How To Cuisine, Ludivine has experience in Michelin 2** kitchens and renowned patisseries in Paris.

She is also a real food lover, meal prep fanatic, healthy living enthusiast and YouTuber.



Born and raised in the Provence region of France, Ludivine has always enjoyed the pleasure of a large table full of friends and family. “For me, cooking has always been about making people happy”.

Ludivine started her culinary journey at the Faculté des Métiers École Hôtelière de Cannes in France where she learned the ins and outs of gourmet cuisine, pastry, chocolate and ice-cream making. 

Fresh out of school with certificates as a newly qualified junior chef, the young Ludivine joined the small family-owned business and began her career as a pastry chef in Mougins, France. 

Destiny called, and soon after leaving behind her native Provence, she joined Chef Patrick Bertron’s kitchen brigade at Le Relais Bernard Loiseau, the famous Michelin two-star french restaurant in Saulieu, Burgundy.

Ludivine has never forgotten the high-precision techniques, the rigorous ingredients selection process, the constant search for perfection, and above all, the passion. 

In 2018 she made the jump, moved to beautiful Paris and joined the prestigious kitchen of famous chef Yann Couvreur, jury member of several popular TV shows including Top Chef and Le Meilleur Pâtissier, and acclaimed as one of the best pastry chefs in the world

In 2019, Ludivine grabbed her suitcases and settled down in Austin, TX where she worked as the Executive Sous-Chef at the award-winning modern thai restaurant Sway, further enriching her culinary influences. 

Enriched by these multiple experiences, Ludivine co-founded How To Cuisine in 2020 with a simple mission: to demystify gourmet cuisine and make it accessible to a wide audience on Youtube, beyond the borders of France.

How To Cuisine is now growing fast, we are humbled and thankful for the amazing response from the public and excited about the future!




At How To Cuisine, we believe in healthy, great tasting and simple food. We focus on the essentials, the taste, the respect for the product, the pleasure of cooking. 

We teach and demystify gourmet cooking techniques so everyone can make them at home.

We value the union of artisanal know-how and innovative approaches to cooking, the union of complex gourmet techniques and simple homemade recipes.


Simplicity: we make complex recipes accessible and fun.

Excellence: We search for the best quality ingredients and seek to offer exceptional food experiences.

Health: We believe in healthy, authentic food, inspired from nature.

Creativity: Cooking is an evolving art and we reinvent ourselves constantly.

Our cuisine is reminiscent of the joie de vivre lifestyle seen in the South of France.

Through our video recipes, we hope to educate and entertain you, while bringing you this joie de vivre!