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Buckwheat Carrot Fritters & Greek Cumin Dipping Sauce

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In this new episode, learn how to make these tasty and healthy gluten-free buckwheat carrot fritters. Their perfect greek cumin dipping sauce will also surprise you!

Carrots can be used in so many recipes. From savory to sweet, we love to create carrot recipes like cakes, muffins, veggie fritters, etc.

Gluten-free, vegetarian, low-carb, and keto-friendly, these fritters are very easy to make. 

No fancy ingredients are required. Only buckwheat flour is used as a binding agent, a healthy substitute for white flour. It gives an extra original flavor to this tasty recipe. Spices like cumin and paprika are our favorites when it comes to savory carrot recipes. However, feel free to replace these spices with the ones you love the most. 

As for the equipment, there is nothing better than cooking with the right kitchen appliances! To grate the carrot in less than 1 minute, chef Ludivine used the incredible Breville Sous Chef food processor, a real game changer! 

Incredibly delicious, this dipping sauce was made from very simple ingredients: greek yogurt, lime, parsley, scallion, cumin, garlic, salt, and pepper. Rich and healthy, this dipping sauce will go perfectly with all your favorite veggie fritters. 

We truly can’t wait for you and your family to try this gluten-free recipe!

Also, check out our recipe on how to make our amazing carrot cake.

Bon appétit!


Difficulty: pineapple goldpineapple graypineapple gray

Prep time: 15 mins / Cook time: 10 mins / Servings: 4 people

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Greek Cumin Parsley Dipping Sauce

1 cup (255g) - Greek yogurt

1 - Lime

½ tsp (3g) - Himalayan salt

To taste - White pepper

¼ tsp (0.7g) - Cumin powder

1 - Garlic clove

½ oz (14g) - Scallions

½ oz (14g) - Parsley


Buckwheat Carrot Fritters

4 (520g) - Large carrots

1 - Garlic clove

½ oz (14g) - Parsley

2 - Eggs

⅓ cup (50g) - Buckwheat flour

½ tsp (1.5g) - Cumin powder

To taste - Salt

½ tsp (1.5g) - Smoked paprika

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We advise that you prepare all the above ingredients before starting.

You will typically need: a scale, measuring cups, mixing bowls.


Greek Cumin Parsley Dipping Sauce

1 - Add the greek yogurt to a small mixing bowl.

Tip: We store our ingredients in these mixing bowls and mini glass bowls from Duralex while cooking. We love Duralex for their quality products and low prices!

2 - Using a microplane zester, grate the lime zest into the yogurt. Then, cut the lime in half and extract the juice with a stainless steel citrus squeezer.

3 - Pour the lime juice into the yogurt, and stir with a silicone spatula to fully combine.

4 - Then, stir in the salt, pepper, and cumin powder.

5 - Crush and peel the garlic. Then, finely mince it with a sharp knife before adding it to the yogurt.

Tip: Sabatier knives are excellent french blades we recommend for professional and home cooks. We also love this reversible cutting board with integrated hand grips from John Boos.

6 - Thinly slice the scallions and finely chop the parsley. Add these both to the yogurt and stir well to fully combine.

7 - Place in the refrigerator while making the carrot fritters. For better conservation, we recommend you store this sauce in an air-tight glass jar.

Carrot Fritters

1 - Peel the carrots with a speed peeler, remove the ends and chop each in half.

Tip: We recommend you use a Santoku knife for this task. We love Japanese knives and recommend this quality kit from GLOBAL for home and professional chefs. We also love this reversible cutting board with integrated hand grips from John Boos.

2 - Using the grater attachment on a food processor, grate all the carrots and set them aside in a large bowl.

Tip: Here, we are using the excellent Breville Sous Chef food processor.

3 - Crush, peel and finely mince the garlic. Then, finely chop the parsley and set both aside.

4 - Crack the eggs into the bowl of grated carrots and stir to break them up and coat the carrots.

5 - Next, add the buckwheat flour, cumin, salt, smoked paprika, pepper, minced garlic, and finally the chopped parsley. Mix well until everything is fully combined using a wooden spoon.

6 - Add coconut oil to a cast-iron skillet and place over medium-high heat.

Tip: For more information and recommended coconut oils, check out our detailed article "A Guide To Coconut Oil".

7 - Using your hands, shape and flatten the fritters before gently placing them into the hot skillet. Allow each fritter to cook on medium heat for 5 minutes on the first side. 

8 - Using a silicone spatula, gently flip each fritter and let them cook for another 5 minutes.

9 - Once fully cooked, transfer the fritters onto a tray lined with paper towels. Continue to make and fry fritters until you use all the batter.

10 - Once cooked, transfer the fritters to a serving platter. Sprinkle some fresh parsley and serve with the dipping sauce on the side.  

11 - Enjoy!

Watch our video for more details!

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Disclaimer: baking/cooking times vary according to each appliance. Make sure to always control halfway through for success.

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